Amazing and wonderful adventure in this term~!

Quite a long time I didn't upload my blog cause busying and rushing on my final project.Again~ make my blog become a "orphan site". TT
Now having a fully planned holiday~ woohoo~

This term were safety go through. But seem like alot of "little little"challenging surrounded me~ TT
What the called in chinese golden saying: 祸不单行。(Misfortunes never come singly)

everything solved edi~ weeeEEEEeeeeEEEEeee...
So now I going to show what I created out in this term...


ADvanced Digital Video

This is most big project for me... but it was used me lot of time and made me alot of fun too...
This is our main actress...Maggie. She is not professional actress but she can act well in the video and don't have camera shy...

This is Alan. Our Main actor.

Production stage..............

In the video you can see those props are prepared by our own...
Blood,*chicken blood*
Room Decoration...and so on...

In this video is going to showing a humanity frightfulness and the turning point of life...
Buy some popcorn, persi, switch off your light... set a good position of your seat and
watch it~!

The Corner

Nice? hehe....

After that, show you my others work...

Motion Graphic

Motion Graphic
In my motion graphic project,
I was doing social issue that is "Abortion".

The objective of this project was express our point of view, thoughts base on the topic and create a motion graphic art with audio and visual aid to appeal or to awake audience to think about the issue.

The task in this project is... we need to create a short video within "30-40 second" to bring out our message. It was quite challenging to control or make sure everything show out in this exceeding time.


This is what I created out in 13 week.
Enjoy it! >.0''


3D multimedia

I was model a white grand piano.
This is the work in progress in a software call "Modeler".

After done model the piano the next we going to do is "Poster".
I was promoted this Brand-new piano call "Adeola Piano".

Moving on...

Project 3.

A short advertisment of this piano. This ad. were promote the features of this new piano with the joyful music to bring out the happy, enjoy and joyfulness feeling while playing this piano...hmmmm...

Enjoy it~

Yeah~! DONE!

give me some handclap.... ~~

KLCC, Petrosains - Report

Last wed, our class had a field to Petrosains at KLCC. This is the 2nd time I went to Petrosains. I was remember, the 1st time when I went to was when I in primary school. What I can say is, this time were more impact to me and I get more information and had a lot of fun with my classmates.
We are requested to write a report after we visited petrosains. So everyone of us randomly choose a theme that given by our lecturer.

The theme that i get is...
Time and Emotion

1st thing emerged on my mind is… the sphere shape “elevator” which is bring us to the inside Petrosains. The timing was so accurate. Do you guys still remember? When we reach a place the slice show and the music will work in together and cooperated well. So it was won’t get too fast or too slow. It was very impression to the audience and let the audience enjoyed the journey. When get into the Petrosains, the 1st state we reach is Dinosaur age until the Space state. This is all about time-to-time we are moving forward and evolution to more advanced era now.

After get the theme of Time and Emotion I could think what i should write on Emotion.
What emotion about and included?So after weigh in the mind with thoroughness and care,
Emotion has includes of joys, happy, sorrow, hate, love and more and more. I'm going to touch about our emotion on that day.
We all were happy and enjoyed the whole trip. See from my picture, those guys where happy playing together.



Full of emotion to kiss the "patung"... like her bf...haha

At last, a thing was quite memorable for me… That is the slide~
Long time didn’t play it already, even when I was child I also seldom play it… and now got change to play it. So memorable. ^^
So 6 of us were played this slide and when everyone coming down was screaming like “hell”.
Sheng Yu


and me...

That all what I can squeezed out from my brain. ^^

Pygie B'day - Robbed

Yesterday is Wen wen baby BIG DAY~ 19th B'day~

We went to Damansara The Ship to celebrated her b'day~

We didnt bought her any present, cause we promise each other when come to 21st b'day we must buy a very big big big present to each other, so now no need present, save the money for 21th present.^^

So we treat her eat...

dun know what what lamb chop edi... but the taste is really gooooooooooooooood~

seven people here... Dylan, me, Yvoone, Issac, Issac bro, "SHOU XI LUI" and Chern ching~!

After finish having our dinner, we plan to give her a suprise.
We all pura-pura ask her go toilet and those guy prepare the cake and b'day song~

The song was play by The Ship, somemore got lighting also...so nice the enviroment...

The customer there all look at us...lolx

The friendly foreign was come over here blessing, take photo with us and to have a piece of cake...^^

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~ Happy happy
*at this moment*

After finished celebration...==
we went to the car and noticed my car window kena scrap!!!

The robber stolen the laptop bag inside my car~

The important point is....
Nothing inside the bag, just file~~~ lalalalala
The robber sure GEK SEI!!!
Thought got laptop la, stole la...DAI SEI!!!
Hope the robber gek sei and get heart attack...

you see you see~ need repair!!! Waste my mum money~==


Sin Chew Daily - Today I'm the most prettiest(The programme name)

This photo was taken by Sin Chew Daily reporter.
I think is 1 or 2 month ago already...
That day, i had a day out with my family at Times Square.
I still remember, after I finish my lunch, a girl was blocked me and ask to to take photo.
She said she is come from where where where... and I let her shoot lo...
I thought it wont be publish on the news paper ger....who know? waohahaha~
So big leh my face~~ =.=

I SWEAR !!!!!


I wont play facebook anymore~!!! ==
Get addiction on it already, keep playing games~
It lieing people! The game cant win 1~! ==
Harm me didnt do any assignment...TT


Standard 6_ Gathering

Belated posted.

Last Saturday we had a gathering.

8 years!!!
8 years we didn’t meet each other.

This is the 1st time we met each other. Happy happy~^^

Here, I’m going to share my happy moment…

ermm...I think we have 20 students are attend this gathering~
Some of them may not attend this gathering because working, oversea or we cant contact them..
So sad~ I miss my friend~ Expecially her, Chan Hor Ying~ She immigrant already~ TT

We chatting alot, talking back our memories,
beated by our teacher,
who love who,
shit at class @@,
and alot more. haha
Taking photo session...

*too near le ba*

* Hope we have next time*

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